Table 1.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of study samples

Sample SourceT2D-GENES Consortium SamplesAXIOM SamplesNon–T2D-ESRD Samples
Patients with T2D-ESRDHealthy ControlsPatients with T2D-ESRDT2D Only (No Kidney Disease)Healthy ControlsPatients with Non–T2D-ESRDHealthy Controls
Women, %61.257.357.164.551.744.148.8
Age at recruitment, yr61.6±10.549.0±11.961.4±10.855.7±11.646.5±12.055.3±14.445.9±12.2
Age at T2D, yr47.3±9.9NA38.6±12.746.2±12.3NANANA
Duration of T2D before ESRD, yr12 (6, 19)NA19 (13, 26)NANANANA
Duration of ESRD, yr3.77±3.8NA3.64±3.51NANA6.26±6.15NA
Blood glucose, mg/dlNA88.8±13.1NANA96.5±20.9NA89.3±13.5
Serum creatinine, mg/dlNA0.99±0.25NA0.94±0.200.97±0.20NA0.97±0.19
BMI at recruitment, kg/m229.7±7.030.0±7.030.8±7.133.1±7.829.7±7.427.1±7.029.2±7.3
African ancestry, %80.13±11.4478.02±11.2583.87±11.1182.01±12.5882.34±10.9084.35±11.7982.29±10.75
  • Categorical data are expressed as percentages. Continuous data are presented as means±SDs. Durations of type 2 diabetes before ESRD are presented as medians (25th, 75th percentiles). T2D-GENES Consortium, Type 2 Diabetes Genes Consortium; AXIOM, Affymetrix Axiom Biobank Genotyping Array; T2D, type 2 diabetes; NA, not applicable; BMI, body mass index.