Table 2.

Results of blood culture sets obtained (n=100)

Bacterial Growth of Blood Culture SetsAll PositivePartial PositiveContaminationNegative
Antibiotics given before BC2102
Time from dialysis start to BC draw, h:min, mean (range, median)2:24 (0:03–7:10, 2:25)1:33 (0:41–2:09, 1:33)2:13 (0:26–4:57, 2:17)2:22 (−0:04–9:02, 2:09)
Time to sample cultivation, h:min, mean (range, median)4:27 (0:05–17:07, 3:43)8:54 (3:18–18:40, 8:11)7:40 (1:46–20:16, 4:21)5:48 (1:36–19:36, 4:56)
Mean TTP, minRange, minMedian, min
Peripheral vein1092292–2502856
HD circuit966163–2925793
Arterial hub1025142–3909777
Venous hub947280–2493744
Mean DTTP, minRange, minMedian, minMeeting Criteria of DTTP, %
PV and HD circuit−107−1505–795−928
PV and arterial hub−106−1504–2787−433
PV and venous hub−176−1710–1141−1129
HD circuit and arterial hub35−794–2799−2
HD circuit and venous hub−33−795–1241−2
Arterial hub and venous hub−106−2577–5860
  • BC, blood culture; TTP, time to positivity; HD, hemodialysis; DTTP, differential time to positivity; PV, peripheral vein.