Table 4.

Feasibility of obtaining peripheral blood cultures

CharacteristicsSuccessful VenipunctureNo Peripheral Blood Obtained
Total, n (%)39 (75)13 (25)
BC obtained without problems, n (%)30 (57.6)N/A
BC obtained with problems, n (%)9 (17.3)N/A
Poor veins, n (%)3a4 (7.7)
Collapsing veins, n3a0
iv Nurse to draw BC, n3a0
First attempt failed, n (%)7a4 (7.7)
Second attempt failed, n3a3b
Third attempt failed, n03b
Third attempt successful, n3aN/A
Patient refused venipuncture, n (%)N/A5 +1b,c (9.6)
  • Data on feasibility of obtaining blood cultures (BCs) from peripheral veins during hemodialysis. In the first year of the study, additional data were collected on the ease and barriers to obtaining a peripheral BC. N/A, not applicable.

  • a Multiple reasons for problems during venipuncture reported.

  • b Patients already accounted for in the first failed attempt.

  • c Five patients refused venipuncture immediately (and one after the first failed attempt).