Table 2.

Diet characteristics among European American and African-American participants in the CRIC study

European AmericanAfrican AmericanaP valuef
Variablesn=1354Overall n=1121Quartile 1bn=284Quartile 2cn=285Quartile 3dn=283 Quartile 4en=269
Kilocalories per day1808±761g1904±9021844±8581986±9301915±9131870±9040.97
 Calories fat, %35±8h33±834±833±833±932±90.002
 Calories protein, %16±4h15±415±415±415±414±40.06
 Calories carbohydrates, %48±10h53±1251±1052±1154±1254±130.001
Calcium (mg/day)649 [456,908]h577 [402,837]574 [396,851]592 [423,810]578 [387,837]558 [389,808]0.55
Phosphorus (mg/day)1099 [814,1463]h1013 [703,1388]1007 [713,1365]1051 [742,1461]993 [681,1415]1006 [674,1299]0.26
  • Results are presented as mean±SD and median (interquartile range). CRIC, Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort.

  • a African-American data is shown overall and also stratified by quartiles of percentage African ancestry.

  • b Percentage African ancestry <73.6%.

  • c Percentage African ancestry 73.6%–79.6%.

  • d Percentage African ancestry 79.7%–83.8%.

  • e Percentage African ancestry >83.8%.

  • f P for linear trend or Kruskal–Wallis test across the quartiles of African ancestry among African Americans.

  • g P<0.05 comparing European Americans to African Americans.

  • h P<0.001 comparing European Americans to African Americans.