Table 3.

Comparison of patient characteristics with or without clinical events after renal transplantation

CharacteristicsWith Event, n=78Without Event, n=708P Value
Age, yr48.4±14.844.5±13.80.02a
Men, %57 (73.1)437 (61.7)0.05b
BMI, kg/m221.8±3.122.0±5.40.76a
ABO incompatibility, %38 (48.7)196 (27.7)<0.001b
PKT, %8 (10.3)231 (32.6)<0.001b
Dialysis period, mo34.3 [6.7–91.1]11.3 [0.0–45.8]<0.001c
Diabetes, %22 (28.2)80 (11.3)<0.001b
iPTH, pg/ml160 [82–250]193 [94–329]0.07c
Ca, mg/dl9.34±1.079.17±0.950.15a
P, mg/dl5.68±1.595.40±1.410.11a
LVMI, g/m2152±44136±41<0.001a
Second graft, %6 (7.7)30 (4.2)0.16b
CVD event history, %11 (14.1)50 (7.1)0.04b
  • Data are expressed as means±SDs, medians [25%–75%], or numbers (percentages). BMI, body mass index; PKT, preemptive kidney transplantation; iPTH, intact parathyroid hormone; Ca, calcium; P, phosphorous; LVMI, left ventricular mass index; CVD, cardiovascular disease.

  • a P value was determined by unpaired t test.

  • b P value was determined by Fisher exact test.

  • c P value was determined by Mann–Whitney test.