Table 2.

Bone histomorphometric parameters in patients on dialysis with normal to high bone turnover, pure osteomalacia, and adynamic bone disease and healthy controls

ParameterDialysis: Normal To High Bone Turnover (n=52)Dialysis: Pure Osteomalacia (n=7)Dialysis: Adynamic Bone (n=9)Healthy Controls (n=14)
Bone volume (BV/TV), %30.1±1.129.1±3.528.0±1.021.4±1.5
Trabecular thickness, μm167±5145±15137±13141±14
Trabecular separation, μm406±16343±38355±29459±22
Osteoid volume (OV/BV), %11.9±0.728.4±3.91.1±0.4a2.2±0.4
Osteoid surface (OS/BS), %47.0±1.867.2±6.510.0±2.0a16.6±2.7
Osteoid thickness, μm19.8±0.627.8±4.06.1±0.6a8.3±0.8
Bone formation rate (BFR/BS), μm3/μm2 per year85.2 (51.7, 133.4)0 (0, 7.7)0.8 (0, 5.9)59.1 (23.0, 64.7)
  • BV/TV, bone volume/tissue volume; OV/BV, osteoid volume/bone volume; OS/BS, osteoid surface/bone surface; BFR/BS, bone formation rate/bone surface.

  • a P<0.001 between adynamic bone and osteomalacia for OV/BV, OS/BS, and osteoid thickness.