Table 3.

Microcomputed tomography parameters in patients on dialysis with normal to high bone turnover, pure osteomalacia, and adynamic bone disease and healthy controls

ParameterDialysis: Normal To High Bone Turnover (n=52)Dialysis: Pure Osteomalacia (n=7)Dialysis: Adynamic Bone (n=9)Healthy Controls (n=14)
Bone volume (BV/TV), %32±123±329±2a20±2
Connectivity density, no. per millimeter317.4±1.236.3±13.421. 3±2.7a16.5±2.2
Trabecular no., no. per millimeter2.0±0.12.3±0.22.1±0.11.8±0.1
Trabecular thickness, μm160±10120±10150±10140±10
Trabecular separation, μm500±20480±50460±40550±30
Bone mineral density, mg HA/cm814±7784±15821±8a792±9
  • BV/TV, bone volume/tissue volume; HA, hydroxyapatite.

  • a P=0.03 between adynamic bone and osteomalacia for both bone volume and bone mineral density.