Table 2.

Unadjusted and adjusted risks of postdischarge mortality stratified by eGFR and BUN at discharge

End Point and GroupNo. of PatientsNo. of Patients with Events (%)Unadjusted HR95% CIP ValueAdjusted HR95% CIP ValueP Value for Interactiona
All-cause death
 eGFR≥45 and BUN<251981245 (12.5)
 eGFR≥45 and BUN≥2541887 (20.8)1.841.44 to 2.35<0.0011.341.04 to 1.730.02
 eGFR<45 and BUN<2556991 (15.8)1.331.05 to 1.700.020.970.76 to 1.260.84
 eGFR<45 and BUN≥251481439 (28.8)2.712.32 to 3.17<0.0011.581.33 to 1.88<0.001
Cardiac death
 eGFR≥45 and BUN<251981130 (6.6)
 eGFR≥45 and BUN≥2541846 (11.0)1.831.31 to 2.56<0.0011.310.96 to 1.850.08
 eGFR<45 and BUN<2556942 (7.4)1.170.83 to 1.660.370.850.59 to 1.240.41
 eGFR<45 and BUN≥251481246 (16.6)2.942.37 to 3.63<0.0011.831.45 to 2.31<0.001
  • HR, hazard ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a P value for interaction was obtained from the model including a product term of eGFR as a continuous variable and BUN as a dichotomous variable.