Table 1.

Demographic characteristics of the studied cohort

aPD, n=129HD, n=122
Median age, yr (IQR)76 (70–81)75 (69–80)
Age range, yr, % of n
Men, % of n 58.959.8
Ethnicity, % of n
 White European86.086.8
Diabetes, % of n49.550.5
Median index of deprivationa (IQR)16.3 (10.1–33.1)20.4 (12.8–32.3)
Months on dialysis, median (IQR)22 (11–35)27.5 (15.5–39.5)
Cause of kidney disease, % of n
 Pyelo/tubulointerstitial nephritis16.16.8
 Renovascular disease11.321.0
Social support, % of n
  Own home92.984.4
  Warden controlled (retirement housing)6.313.9
  Nursing home0.81.6
 Living alone23.327.9
 Help from friends/family for daily activities54.363.9
 Paid help for daily activities (one or more times in 1 wk)49.636.1
  • aPD, assisted peritoneal dialysis; HD, hemodialysis; IQR, interquartile range.

  • a Does not include patients in northern Ireland.