Table 1.

Effect of bariatric surgery on kidney-related parameters in patients with type II diabetes

Type of StudyType of Bariatric SurgeryNo. of Subjects (with Type II Diabetes)Follow-Up Period (mo)Remission of Type II Diabetes, %aEffect on GFR MarkersEffect on Albuminuria/ProteinuriaEffect on Clinical End Points
Case reports
43RYGB1 (100%)26N/A↓ sCr (1.4→1.2)↓ Proteinuria (6.3→0.07 g/d)N/A
44RYGB1 (100%)3100↓ sCr (4.3→4.0)↓ Proteinuria (5.9→0.8 g/d)N/A
45RYGB1 (100%)12100N/A↓ Albuminuria (100→<2 mg/24 h)N/A
46RYGB, LAGB2 (50%)17–19N/AN/AN/ARenal function recovered, dialysis stopped
47RYGB9 (56%)24–48N/AAverage sCr for two patients with diabetic nephropathy increased over time (approximately 1.8→2.7)N/AN/A
48RYGB94 (34%)12 (mean)N/ANo change in sCr↓ Albuminuria (17→6 mg/g)N/A
49Not specified25 (72%)12–24N/A↓ sCr (1.4→1.2), increase in eGFR (48→62)N/AN/A
50RYGB, others15 (100%)6N/A↓ sCr (0.8 →0.6), no change in cystatin C↓ Albuminuria (65→39 mg/g)N/A
51RYGB35 (54%)1284↓ 15% in 24-h CrCl, sCr, cystatin CNo changeN/A
52BPD22 (100%)120100No change in sCr, eGFRMA: 32%→0%N/A
53RYGB56 (68%)6–24+N/A↓ sCr (1.4→1.2) in mild DKD, ↑ in moderate DKD (2.2→2.7)N/AN/A
54RYGB, SG, LAGB52 (100%)60–9244No change in sCr↓ Albuminuria by 58% regressionN/A
55LAGB23 (100%)30 (mean)N/AN/A↓ Albuminuria (67→15 mg/g)N/A
56RYGB131 (100%)60–108N/AN/AN/A↓ Predicted 5-yr risk of developing nephropathy (57) (12%→6.6%)
25RYGB, SG97 (100%)3628↓ sCr (0.7→0.6)↓ MA by 70%N/A
58SG5 (20%)12N/ANo change in sCr, cystatin C, eGFR (compared with control group)No change in proteinuria (compared with control group)
59RYGB70 (100%)12–18N/AN/A↓ Albuminuria (32→15 mg/g)N/A
  • Type II diabetes mellitus was presumed if the type of diabetes (I versus II) was not openly stated in light of the well known relationship between obesity and type II diabetes. Units of measurement: creatinine clearance, ml/min; eGFR, ml/min per 1.37 m2; creatinine, mg/dl; cystatin C, mg/L. Upward arrows indicates increase; downward arrows indicates decrease; right-facing arrows indicates temporal progression of laboratory result. RYGB, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass; LAGB, laparoscopic adjustable lap banding; BPD, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch; SG, sleeve gastrectomy; N/A, not applicable; sCr, serum creatinine; CrCl, creatinine clearance; DKD, diabetic kidney disease; MA, microalbuminuria.

  • a On the basis of each study’s definition.