Table 4.

Factors associated with ESRD among treated patients

VariablesHazard Ratio95% Confidence Interval
 Immunosuppressive therapy
  CNIs with or without glucocorticoids0.600.21 to 1.70
 Immunosuppressive therapy
  CNIs with or without glucocorticoids0.420.15 to 1.18
 Age per 1-yr increase1.000.99 to 1.02
 Men1.000.56 to 1.76
 FSGS variant
  Tip0.140.04 to 0.47
  Collapsing0.980.48 to 2.00
 Baseline eGFR <30 ml/min per 1.73 m22.611.37 to 4.96
 Serum albumin at biopsy per 1 g/dl higher0.550.39 to 0.78
Adjusted (adults only)b
 Immunosuppressive therapy
  CNIs with or without glucocorticoids0.400.09 to 1.90
  • CNI, calcineurin inhibitor; NOS, not otherwise specified.

  • a Cox regression adjusted for immunosuppression, age, sex, black race, FSGS variant, and baseline eGFR and serum albumin; baseline hypertension was not predictive of renal survival by univariate analysis.

  • b Cox regression in adult patients only adjusted for immunosuppression, age, FSGS variant, and baseline eGFR and serum albumin.