Table 1.

Biochemical parameters in patients on dialysis with normal to high bone turnover, pure osteomalacia, and adynamic bone disease

ParameterDialysis: Normal to High Bone Turnover (n=52)Dialysis: Pure Osteomalacia (n=7)Dialysis: Adynamic Bone (n=9)
Calcium, mg/dl9.4±0.17.7±1.18.9±1.1
Phosphorus, mg/dl6.0±0.17.0±1.06.2±0.7
Alkaline phosphatase, IU/L337±38127±23a538±145b
PTH (first generation IMA)736 (422, 1063)293 (289, 555)45 (21, 220)c
  • Values are expressed as mean+SD, except PTH, which is expressed as median (interquartile range). PTH, parathyroid hormone; IMA, immunometric assay.

  • a P<0.001 between osteomalacia and normal to high bone turnover.

  • b P=0.04 between adynamic bone and osteomalacia.

  • c P<0.001 between adynamic bone and normal to high bone turnover.