Table 5.

Plasma renin activity determinations and BP in patients with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis at baseline after revascularization or medical therapy

ParameterBaselineP Value
Stent STK, n=10Stent CLK, n=10P Value StentMedical STK, n=20Medical CLK, n=20P Value MedicalEH, n=32Stent Versus Medical STKEH Versus Stent STKEH Versus Medical STK
Single–kidney vein PRA, ng/ml per 1 h16.6±10.113.2±8.90.0619.5±17.415.3±14.7<0.018.9±9.60.800.040.02
P Value Stent Versus Medical GroupStent Versus Medical GroupEH Versus Stent GroupEH Versus Medical Group
PRA IVC, ng/ml per 1 h11.1±8.114.1±140.807.8±9.10.900.300.30
SBP, mmHg143.6±21.6133.8±19.30.20134.9±18.90.400.500.90
DBP, mmHg69.6±7.967.3±8.20.4071.2±12.30.700.900.40
  • Data are means±SDs. STK, stenotic kidney; CLK, contralateral kidney; EH, essential hypertension; PRA, plasma renin activity; IVC, inferior vena cava; SBP, systolic BP; DBP, diastolic BP.