Table 3.

Correlations of eGFR at diagnosis with laboratory measures among patients with primary hyperoxaluria without ESRD at or before diagnosis

Variabler ValueP ValuePatients, n
U[vol], ml/1.73 m2 per 24 h−0.280.001128
U[ox], mmol/1.73 m2 per 24 h−0.130.12140
U[Citrate], mg/1.73 m2 per 24 h0.270.01104
U[Ca], mg/1.73 m2 per 24 h0.100.29114
U[Phos], mg/1.73 m2 per 24 h0.190.0883
  • U[vol], urinary volume; U[ox], urinary oxalate; U[Citrate], urinary citrate; U[Ca], urinary calcium; U[Phos], urinary phosphate.