Table 1.

Definitions used for interpretation of 99mtechnetium dimercaptosuccinic acid renal scan

DMSA InterpretationDefinition
Cortical defectaFocal or diffuse decreased uptake with or without volume loss
Acute pyelonephritisaCortical defect with preserved contour
Renal scarringaDecreased uptake of tracer associated with loss of contours or cortical thinning
Severity (grade) of scarringaA: none; B: mild; C: moderate; D: severe; and E: global atrophy
Kidney segmentsaEach kidney was divided into 12 segments (Supplemental Figure 1)
New scarringPresence of scarring in kidney segments that were previously normal or showed APN
Any scarring(1) New scarring or (2) presence of scarring at follow-up in patients who had no baseline renal scan or (3) those with renal scarring on both baseline and any follow-up scan
Renal scarring gradeaGrade 0: no scarring
Grade 1: 1–2 kidney segments affected
Grade 2: 3–4 kidney segments affected
Grade 3: >4 kidney segments affected
Grade 4: Global atrophy characterized by diffusely scarred and shrunken kidney
  • DMSA, 99mtechnetium dimercaptosuccinic acid; APN, acute pyelonephritis.

  • a References 8,10.