Table 1.

Baseline patient characteristics

CharacteristicsOverall study group (n=57)Chronic Study (n=52)
Cocoa Flavanol (n=26)Placebo (n=26)
Men, n421820
Age (yr), mean±SD65±1365±1466±14
Height (cm), mean±SD174±10173±9174±11
Weight (kg), mean±SD88±1785±2190±16
Body mass index (kg/m2), mean±SD29±528±629±6
Renal diagnosis, n
 Hypertensive/large vessel18710
 Diabetic nephropathy1347
 Polycystic kidney disease1045
Dialysis vintage (mo), median (IQR)43 (20–59)48 (23–63)34 (20–58)
Hypertension, n522325
Diabetes, n21613
Current smoker, n1384
Hypercholesterinemia, n241014
CVD, n20711
Medication, n
 Acetylsalicylic acid281115
 AT blocker12610
 Ca channel blocker221110
  • Baseline characteristics for the overall study group (n=57) and the chronic study (cocoa flavanol and placebo; n=26 each). Acute study characteristics are given in Supplemental Table 3. Other/miscellaneous refers to amyloidosis, renal carcinoma, hepatorenal syndrome, and unknown origin. IQR, interquartile range; CVD, cardiovascular disease; AT, angiotensin; ACE-I, angiotensin–converting enzyme inhibitor.