Table 1.

Baseline demographics and clinical measurements of the cross-sectional cohorts.

Demographic/Clinical MeasurementControlsPatients in the Ohio SLE Study
NonrenalLupus NephritisP Value
Age, yra34 (27–43)43 (26–44)31 (25–40)0.02b
Race, black/white/other20/20/015/26/028/40/50.69c
Sex, women/men29/1138/366/7>0.99c
Urine protein-to-creatinine ratioa0.12 (0.09–0.18)1.03 (0.28–3.03)<0.001b
Serum creatinine, mg/dla0.78 (0.65–0.82)0.90 (0.72–1.25)0.004b
C3, mg/dla126 (103–143)86 (70–100)<0.001b
C4, mg/dla20 (15–28)15 (8.2–20)0.003b
Anti-dsDNA, positive/negatived5/3125/450.02c
  • dsDNA, double stranded DNA.

  • a Median (interquartile range).

  • b Mann–Whitney test for differences between nonrenal and lupus nephritis.

  • c Fisher exact test for differences between nonrenal and lupus nephritis in race (black versus white), sex, or anti-dsDNA positivity.

  • d Anti-dsDNA Ohio SLE Study data unavailable for five nonrenal patients and three patients with lupus nephritis.