Table 3.

Cross-sectional analysis of the prevalence of anti-C1q or anti-C3b in healthy controls versus patients with SLE, nonrenal patients versus patients with lupus nephritis, and patients with lupus nephritis without versus with at least one lupus nephritis flare during the Ohio SLE Study period

No. of positiveaP ValuebSensitivityc (%)Specificityc (%)No. of positiveaP ValuebSensitivityc (%)Specificityc (%)
LN no LNF36200.237<0.01
LN yes LNF37267044195181
  • anti-C1q, autoantibodies to compliment C1q; LN, lupus nephritis; LNF, lupus nephritis flare.

  • a Number of samples in each cohort that were positive for anti-C1q or anti-C3b IgG.

  • b Results of analysis comparing prevalence of anti-C1q or anti-C3b IgG between each pair of cohorts.

  • c Sensitivity and specificity of anti-C1q or anti-C3b IgG for SLE (versus control), LN (versus nonrenal), and LN with at least one LNF (LN yes LNF, versus LN without at least one LNF [LN no LNF]).