Table 2.

Efficacy outcomes

OutcomesSPS (n=15)Placebo (n=16)Difference of Mean Serum Potassium Change (95% CI)P Value
Serum potassium level at baseline, mEq/La5.26±0.225.23±0.220.73
Serum potassium level at final follow-up, mEq/La3.99±0.565.03±0.34<0.001
Variation of serum potassium, mEq/La−1.25±0.57−0.21±0.29−1.04 (−1.37 to −0.71)<0.001
Normokalemia, no. (%)11 (73.0)6 (38.0)0.07
  • SPS, sodium polystyrene sulfonate; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a To convert potassium levels from milliequivalents per liter to millimoles per liter, multiply by 1.