Table 2.

Summary of positive, negative, and neutral perceptions related to donation (n=2455)

Positive OutcomesNeutral ResponsesNegative OutcomesUnknown, %
OutcomeRespondents, %OutcomeRespondents, %OutcomeRespondents, %
Donor health status
 No medical complications800≥1 medical complication20<1
 Medical complication that did  not require hospitalization14
 Prolonged hospitalization or  readmission8
 Currently seeing a doctor for  donation-related concerns4
 No emotional, psychological, or substance abuse difficulty950Emotional, psychological, or substance use difficulty41
 Currently receiving treatment  for emotional, psychological,  or substance use difficulty2
Recipient status
 Alive with functioning graft47NAAlive without function of donor’s kidney (graft failure)121
 Did not have complications52NAHad complications408
Reasons for donation
 Did not feel pressured to donate88Neutral7Felt pressured to donate51
 Did not feel pressured to not donate82Neutral5Felt pressured to not donate121
Recovery time
 Returned to usual activities within 3 mo92Returned to usual activities in 3–6 mo 6Longer return1<1
 Return to usual activities  in >6 mo1
 Never returned to usual activities<1
 Recovered within 3 mo73Recovered in 3–6 mo 21Longer recovery6
 Recovery took >6 mo
 Never recovered<1
Social support
 Family and friends were supportive94Neutral2Family and friends were not supportive41
 Employer was supportivea82Neutrala12Employer was not supportivea42
 Health care providers were supportive62Neutral17Health care providers were not supportive201
 Donor received attention after surgery85Neutral6No one paid attention to donor after surgery9<1
Current relationship with recipient
 Positive effect on relationship with recipienta75Neutrala22Negative effect on relationship with recipienta21
 Feel closer to the recipientb79Neutralb9Feel less close to the recipientb111
 Donor does not think the recipient feels indebtedb55Neutralb17Donor thinks the recipient feels indebtedb281
 Recipient shows adequate gratitudeb88Neutralb5Recipient does not show adequate gratitudeb71
Perceived experience
 Good, very good, or excellent overall donation experience95NAFair or poor donation experience51
 Comfortable with decision to donate96Neutral2Uncomfortable with decision to donate11
 Would donate again if possible94Neutral3Would not donate again1
 Donor disagrees that he/she sometimes wishes he/she would not have donated93Neutral3Donor agrees with statement “I sometimes wish I would not have donated.”41
 Positive effect on recipient’s general healtha92Neutrala3Negative impact on recipient’s general healtha41
 Positive effect on relationships with other people involved in the donation59Neutral38Negative effect on relationships with other people involved in the donation31
 Positive effect on donor’s own life56Neutral42Negative effect on donor’s own life2<1
 Positive effect on donor’s view of him/herself as a person50Neutral49Negative effect on donor’s view of self as a person1<1
 Positive effect on donor’s meaning of life65Neutral33Negative effect on donor’s meaning of life<11
  • Percentages do not include unknown values, responses of “I don’t know,” and NA (not applicable) questions; when the numbers do not add up to 100% within a row, some responses were unknown and/or missing.

  • a Among donors to whom the questions were applicable.

  • b Among donors whose recipients were alive at the time of the questionnaire.