Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of participants

Characteristics (n=3666)Value
Age (yr), mean (SD)65.0 (6.7)
Women, n (%)2139 (58.3)
Body mass index (kg/m2), mean (SD) 26.6 (3.6)
Total cholesterol (mg/dl), mean (SD)246.9 (46.1)
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl), mean (SD)52.5 (14.5)
Alcohol intake (g/d), median (interquartile range)4.8 (0.33–16.6)
Smoking, n (%)
 Current755 (20.6)
 Former1649 (45.0)
Systolic BP (mmHg), mean (SD)137.3 (19.9)
Diastolic BP (mmHg), mean (SD)75.4 (10.9)
Pulse rate (beats per minute), mean (SD)72.2 (11.4)
Mean arterial pressure (mmHg), mean (SD)96.0 (12.6)
Pulse pressure (mmHg), mean (SD)a62.5 (15.5)
Pulse wave velocity (m/s), mean (SD)a12.2 (2.5)
Carotid distensibility coefficient (10−3/kPa), mean (SD)a12.9 (4.6)
GFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2), mean (SD)79.3 (13.7)
Diabetes mellitus, n (%)279 (7.6)
History of coronary heart disease, n (%)327 (8.9)
Antihypertensive medication, n (%)
 Diuretics355 (9.7)
 ACE inhibitors204 (5.6)
 Calcium channel blocker177 (4.8)
 β-Blocker503 (13.7)
  • ACE, angiotensin-converting-enzyme.

  • a Data are on the basis of the correspondence sample size (pulse pressure, n=2950; pulse wave velocity, n=2665; and carotid distensibility, n=2344).