Table 2.

Distribution of cognitive function scores and cognitive impairment at hemodialysis initiation and 1-year follow-up, by frailty status at hemodialysis initiation

Frailty Status Measured at Hemodialysis Initiation3MS (n=323)Trail Making Test A (n=320)Trail Making Test B (n=314)
Mean (SD)% ImpairmentMean (SD)% ImpairmentMean (SD)% Impairment
 Full cohort89.8 (7.6)10.255.4 (29)7.5161 (83)15.0
 Nonfrail91.1 (7.3)6.648.5 (27)4.4143 (80)8.7
 Intermediately frail90.0 (7.6)9.854.7 (25)6.7161 (81)15.4
 Frail88.5 (7.6)a13.662.1 (33)a11.1176 (84)a20.0a
1-yr follow-up
 Cohort at follow-up88.9 (7.3)9.956.8 (32)10.7157 (82)16.8
 Nonfrail90.3 (5.8)4.051.1 (32)10.2151 (88)12.7
 Intermediately frail88.9 (8.3)11.957.7 (34)12.3151 (83)9.3
 Frail87.7 (7.0)a12.760.7 (28)14.8169 (76)17.3
  • P values test the difference in mean cognitive function score for those who are intermediately frail and frail compared with those who are nonfrail. 3MS, Modified Mini-Mental State test.

  • a P<0.05.