Table 2.

Primary outcomes and incidence of contrast-induced AKI

EndpointsTotal No. EventsAll Angiograms (ITT/PPa)
Bicarbonate (n=195/181)Saline (n=196/187)P Valueb
Primary composite end point8039410.90
Sustained >20% loss of eGFR3721160.39
  • CIAKI, contrast-induced AKI; ITT, intention-to-treat; PP, per protocol.

  • a There are 391 patients in the ITT analysis and 368 patients in the PP analysis. Of the patients, 23 did not undergo the scheduled angiography and did not receive either saline or bicarbonate infusions. The number of events is the same for both ITT and PP, only the denominator changes. P values are similar for each event between the ITT and PP groups.

  • b P values by Fisher exact test for ITT and PP populations.