Table 1.

Patient demographic, clinical characteristics, and biomarker concentrations at baseline visit

Age, yr15.6±3.7
Female sex, %39
Height, cm164.1±13.7
Weight, kg63.5±20.3
Urine microalbumin excretion, μg/min11.8 (6.6–24.1)
Left ventricular mass index, g/m253.7±11.4
TKV, ml461.5 (341.5–656.5)
HtTKV, ml/m279.5 (211.5–378)
TKV/body surface area, ml/1.73 m2465.5 (389.3–627)
Serum creatinine, mg/dl0.7 (0.5–0.8)
eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2 (18)144.2±36.7
Systolic BP, mmHg122.0±10.1
Diastolic BP, mmHg72.6±3.4
Hematocrit, %40.4±3.4
24-h urine protein, g/d0.11 (0.08–0.16)
HDL cholesterol, mg/dl48.0±11.7
LDL cholesterol, mg/dl86.4±22.4
Total cholesterol, mg/dl147.7±28.5
  • Values are presented as the mean±SD or median (25th percentile to 75th percentile), unless otherwise indicated. TKV, total kidney volume; HtTKV, height-corrected total kidney volume.