Table 1.

Instruments of the survey: Dialysis-specific preparedness checklist and the Department of Homeland Security 15-item checklist

Dialysis-Specific Preparedness (National Kidney Foundation)General Disaster Preparedness; Department of Homeland Security 15-Item Checklist
(1) Insurance information(1) First aid kit
(2) Detailed list of medicines to bring with you(2) Working flashlight
(3) Friend or relative with whom to stay(3) Working battery-powered portable radio
(4) Plans to get to safety if disaster is imminent(4) Spare batteries
(5) Knowledge of other dialysis centers(5) Mess kit or paper cups, plates, and plastic utensils
(6) Medical records at home(6) Cash or traveler’s check
(7) Discussed with relative(7) Nonelectric can opener or utility knife
(8) Necklace/bracelet identifier(8) Antibacterial wipes or gel
(9) Extra medicines (2-wk supply)(9) Personal hygiene items
(10) Knowledge of renal emergency diet(10) Toilet paper or towelettes
(11) Stored extra food(11) One change of clothes per person
(12) Knowledge of polystyrene sulfonate(12) Blanket or sleeping bag per person
(13) Polystyrene sulfonate at home(13) Essential medications
(14) Extra keys for house and car
(15) List of emergency phone numbers