Table 2.

Timing of AKI diagnosis, stages of AKI, and use of RRT

VariableTotal (n=745)Developed Countries (n=316)Emerging Countries (n=429)P Valuea
Timing of AKI diagnosis after ICU admission (%)0.24
 0–2 d82.786.180.2
 3–4 d10.99.612.0
 5–7 d6.34.27.8
Maximal AKI stage (%)<0.001a
RRT (%)23.715.530.2<0.001a
Criteria for commencing RRT (%)
 Uremic manifestations12.44.315.70.06
 Fluid overload32.928.334.80.43
  • ICU, intensive care unit.

  • a P values for comparison of developed versus emerging countries; P≤0.006 represents a significant difference, with the Bonferroni correction.