Table 3.

Poisson regression analysis on the number of missed dialysis sessions

Incidence Rate Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Dialysis-specific preparedness0.910.87 to 0.980.001
Racial ethnicity (compared with black)
 White0.670.40 to 1.120.13
 Hispanic/Latino0.810.58 to 1.120.20
 Other0.340.20 to 0.57<0.001
Hemodialysis in other units (compared with none received)
 Emergency room1.140.73 to 1.780.57
 Other affiliated units0.690.51 to 0.940.02
 Yes1.571.08 to 2.290.02
Living situation affected
 Yes2.251.60 to 3.18<0.001
Age0.980.97 to 0.99<0.001
  • Multivariate Poisson regression analysis assessing the incidence rate ratio of missed dialysis as a function of independent patient characteristics. For dialysis-specific preparedness and age, incidence rate ratio was calculated as a function of numeric variants. Ethnicity, supplemental hemodialysis facilities, evacuation, and living situations were analyzed as categorical (or binary) data. The control group is shown in parentheses. For example, white is associated with 33% lower incidence rate ratio compared with black.