Table 2.

Demographics of participants

n (Total =357)Percentage
Age (yr), median60Interquartile range =50–70
Racial identity
 Coronary artery disease11131.1
 Systolic heart failure5014.0
 Atrial fibrillation4512.6
Dialysis access
 Arteriovenous fistula27577.0
 Arteriovenous graft5314.8
Body mass index26.1±6.1
Length of time on dialysis (yr), median2.8Interquartile range =1.2–5.7
 1 to <310228.6
 3 to <57922.1
 5 to <106016.8
Living place
 Single-room occupancy30.8
 Institution (nursing or group home)205.6
Home health aide
Living with family
Living situation affected by Hurricane Sandy12334.4
Required evacuation4612.9
  • Racial identity, living situations, and evacuation status were self-reported by participants. Home health aide was defined as somebody who helps with living activities other than a family member. Information on comorbidities, dialysis access, body mass index, and length of time on dialysis was obtained from medical records. Median and interquartile range of age and length of time on dialysis and mean±SD of body mass index are also reported.