Table 4.

Estimates of eGFR changes for the main effects in a mixed model

EffecteGFR Change per Year (ml/min per 1.73 m2)P Value
C4d in PTCsa−8.23±3.97<0.001
ABMR morphologyb−8.55±1.94<0.001
Recipient age, per yr−0.13±0.070.05
Donor age, per yr−0.59±0.06<0.001
Cold ischemia time, per hr−0.46±0.06<0.001
HLA-mismatch, per number0.04±0.670.96
  • Changes in eGFR are expressed as mean±SD. PTCs, peritubular capillaries; ABMR, antibody-mediated rejection.

  • a Positive C4d staining was defined as a Banff C4d score >0.

  • b One or more histologic features suggestive of ABMR.