Table 3.

Results of Cox proportional-hazards models

ModelModels Adjusted for Age, Vintage, and SexFully Adjusted Modelsa
HR95% LCI95% UCIP ValueHR95% LCI95% UCIP Value
Model 1: LTI without FTI
 Low LTI1.681.561.80<0.0011.531.401.66<0.001
 Normal LTI (reference)
 High LTI1.201.011.410.031.020.841.240.85
Model 2: FTI without LTI
 Low FTI1.341.241.45<0.0011.191.081.31<0.001
 Normal FTI (reference)
 High FTI1.191.011.400.
Model 3: LTI and FTI combined
 Low LTI, low FTI3.372.943.87<0.0012.512.122.96<0.001
 Low LTI, normal FTI1.811.671.97<0.0011.631.481.81<0.001
 Low LTI, high FTI1.791.472.17<0.0011.741.402.17<0.001
 Normal LTI, low FTI1.571.401.75<0.0011.421.251.62<0.001
 Normal LTI, normal FTI (reference)
 Normal LTI, high FTI1.360.991.890.061.410.992.010.06
 High LTI, low FTI1.421.141.760.0020.990.751.320.95
 High LTI, normal FTI1.281.001.640.051.311.001.730.05
 High LTI, high FTI1.730.565.380.341.910.487.650.36
  • Outcome was all-cause mortality; predictors were categories of low (<10th percentile) and high (>90th percentile) LTI and FTI, respectively. Models were adjusted for age, vintage, and sex or as otherwise indicated. LTI, lean tissue index; FTI, fat tissue index; reference, normal LTI and FTI (10th–90th percentile of age- and sex-matched healthy population); HR, hazard ratio; 95% LCI, lower 95% confidence interval; 95% UCI; upper 95% confidence interval.

  • a Adjusted for age, vintage, sex, geographic region, albumin, hemoglobin, diabetes, and BP.