Table 2.

Matrix presentation of body mass index values in the nine LTI and FTI percentile categories

LTI (kg/m2)FTI (kg/m2)
<10th Percentile10th–90th Percentile>90th Percentile
<10th percentile19.0±1.9 25.4±3.9 36.3±5.0 WHO: normal–obese class II
10th–90th percentile21.2±2.3 27.6±4.0 40.3±4.4 WHO: normal–obese class III
>90th percentile23.9±3.2 31.6±4.8 48.0±6.4 WHO: normal–obese class III
WHO: normalWHO: overweight–obese class IWHO: obese class II–III
  • Mean body mass index±SD are presented. Definitions of normal to obese class III are according to the WHO classification for the general population and are on the basis of the group means. LTI, lean tissue index; FTI, fat tissue index; WHO, World Health Organization.