Table 1.

Baseline demographic, clinical, and biochemical data of study patients

CharacteristicT3 TertileP Value for TrendT3 versus Variables
(<85; n=151)II
(85 ≤ T3 < 107; n=146)III
(≥107; n=150)r ValueP Value
Age (yr)60.8±13.657.7±14.957.5±13.80.04−0.190.001
Men (%)81 (53.6)69 (47.3)91 (60.7)
Diabetes (%)84 (55.6)75 (51.3)65 (43.3)0.02−0.160.004
Previous CV events (%)57 (37.5)48 (33.6)32 (21.2)0.0020.22<0.001
BMI (kg/m2)22.3±2.9522.5±3.7923.1±2.890.1−0.600.19
Laboratory findings
 Hemoglobin (g/dl)10.7±1.610.7±1.411.3±1.50.0030.190.001
 Albumin (g/dl)3.1±0.63.2±0.53.3±0.50.0040.160.004
 Bicarbonate (mEq/L)25.7±3.525.3±3.825.9±
 Total cholesterol (mg/dl)184.5±55.4183.4±41.1183.6±47.10.7−0.010.94
 Triglyceride (mg/dl)140.7±77.2142.1±86.2146.9±79.80.8−0.020.74
 Calcium (mg/dl)8.7±0.88.8±0.98.7±
 Phosphorus (mg/dl)3.9±1.14.1±1.44.1±0.90.8−0.050.27
 CRP (mg/dl)a0.10 (0.02–0.59)0.10 (0.04–0.50)0.06 (0.02–0.37)0.04−0.150.02
 T3 (ng/dl)73.4±12.498.4±5.7125.4±15.8<0.001
 fT4 (ng/dl)1.10 (1.00–1.10)1.10 (0.97–1.20)1.10 (1.00–1.20)
 TSH (mIU/L)2.20 (1.33–3.57)2.01(1.22–3.21)2.24 (1.63–3.05)0.7−0.010.93
 Kt/V urea2.5±0.92.8±1.02.7±
 Peritoneal Kt/V urea1.5±0.61.6±0.51.3±0.50.001−0.120.02
 RRF (ml/min per 1.73 m2)5.4±4.65.8±4.17.0±
 nPCR (g/kg per day)0.9±0.21.0±0.31.0±
  • Continuous variables are expressed as means±SD or medians (interquartile range). Categorical variables are expressed as n (%). CV, cardiovascular; CCI, Charlson comorbidity index; BMI, body mass index; CRP, C-reactive protein; T3, triiodothyronine; fT4, free thyroxine; TSH, thyroid-stimulating hormone; RRF, residual renal function; nPCR, normalized protein catabolic rate; LBMCr, lean body mass estimated by creatinine kinetics.

  • a Median and interquartile range are reported; however, the P value represents analysis of log-transformed variables.