Table 1.

Equations used to calculate eGFR in ml/min per 1.73 m2

Name (Reference)Formula
PCr-based formulas
 Bedside Schwartz (16)K×height/PCr, with K=0.413
 Schwartz–Lyon (14)K×height/PCr, with K=0.413 in boys >13 yr and K=0.367 in others
CystC-based formulas
 Hoek (13)−4.32+(80.35/CystC)
 Filler (12)Log(eGFR)=1.962+[1.123×log(1/ CystC)]
Combined formulas
 CKiD 2012 (18)39.8 × (height/ PCr)0.456×(1.8/CystC)0.418×(30/BUN)0.079×(1.076)male×(height/1.4)0.179
 Zappitelli (15)[43.82×e0.003×height (cm)]/[Cys0.635]×[PCr0.547]
In kidney transplant recipients:×1.165
In patients with spina bifida: 1.57×PCr0.925
  • BUN is expressed in milligrams per deciliter. Height is expressed in centimeters in the bedside Schwartz, Schwartz-Lyon, and Zappitelli formulas, and in meters in the CKiD formula. Weight is expressed in kilograms, and age is expressed in years. PCr, plasma creatinine, expressed in milligrams per deciliter; CystC, cystatin C, expressed in milligrams per liter; CKiD, CKD in Children.