Table 3.

Bland–Altman analysis for the agreement of measured 99mtechnetium diethylenetriamine penta–acetic acid GFR and eGFR values from three equations in boys and girls

EquationBiasSD of BiasRelative Bias (%)Relative SD of Bias (%)95% Confidence IntervalAccuracy (%)
Boys: validation group
 Our formula−0.421.50.819.9−42.4 to 41.737.988.6
 Benlamri formula−9.524.8−6.725.5−58.1 to 39.230.769.3
 White formula−21.322.8−18.923.3−66.0 to 23.524.360.0
 Schwartz formula−27.525.7−24.523.0−77.9 to 23.014.855.6
Girls: validation group
 Our formula−0.625.80.424.8−59.2 to 58.133.380.2
 Benlamri formula0.941.30.631.0−80.0 to 81.826.171.2
 White formula−25.630.0−25.726.7−84.4 to 33.113.544.1
 Schwartz formula−22.428.4−19.225.2−78.1 to 33.325.262.2
  • Accuracy is the percentage of values within 10% or 30%. Bias, SD of bias, and 95% confidence interval are shown in milliliters per minute per 1.73 m2.