Table 1.

Baseline clinical characteristics of the patients in the two study groups

Clinical CharacteristicKSFs (n=57)Non-KSFs (n=54)P Value
Age, yr47±1447±130.82
Men32 (56)31 (57)0.89
 Systemic hypertension17 (35)5 (9)0.002
 Diabetes mellitus5 (10)1 (2)0.07
 Smokingb4 (12)b16 (30)0.06
Laboratory results
 Sodium, mEq/L141±2143±20.02
 Potassium, mEq/L4.3±0.34.4±0.30.20
 Calcium, mg/dl9.4±0.49.6±0.40.26
 Phosphorus, mg/dl3.1±0.63.4±0.60.04
 Magnesium, mg/dl0.84±0.12
 Uric acid, mg/dl5.5±1.3
 Urea nitrogen, mg/dl16±5.914.8±2.80.58
 Creatinine, mg/dl1±0.40.9±0.10.45
 eGFR, ml/min–1 per 1.73 m–291±2291±150.31
 Bicarbonate, mEq/L26±225±20.02
 Glucose, mg/dl88±1893±180.08
 Albumin, g/L46±347±30.66
 Parathyroid hormone (range, 1.6–6.9 pmol/L)4.3 (3.1, 6.9)
 25(OH)vitamin D, nmol/L43 (28, 64)
24-h urine collection (n=36)
 Volume, liters2.0±0.9
 Sodium mEq/d156±46
 Potassium, mEq/d69±20
 Calcium, mg/d280 (124, 400)
 Phosphorus, mg/d806±270
 Oxalate, mg/d30±7.2
 Uric acid, mg/d584±150
 Citrate, mg/d420 (360, 670)
 Creatinine, mg/d1144±352
  • Data are presented as the mean ± SD, n (%), or median (25th percentile, 75th percentile). KSF, kidney stone former.

  • a Comorbidity data were available in 50 KFSs.

  • b Smoking history was available in 24 KFSs.