Table 2.

Incidence of vascular calcification and osteoporosis in KSFs and healthy non-stone formers as detected by the unadjusted analyses

GroupKSFs (n=57)Non-KSFs (n=54)P Value
Patients with AAC22/57 (38)19/54 (35)0.69
 Men9/31 (28)9/31(29)
 Women12/23 (52)10/23 (43)
 Median AAC scorea0 (0, 43)0 (0, 10)<0.001
Patients with osteoporosisb16/51 (31)9/54 (17)0.11
 Men5 (9.8)4 (14)
 Women7 (14)5 (9)
 Average CT BMD, HU159±53194±48<0.001
  • Data are presented as n (%) unless otherwise indicated. AAC, abdominal aortic calcification; CT, computed tomography; BMD, bone mineral density; HU, Hounsfield unit.

  • a AAC score, which was not normally distributed, is shown as the median (25th percentile, 75th percentile).

  • b Osteoporosis is defined as CT attenuation <135 HU at the L1 level. In the KSFs, data were available in 51 patients.