Table 1.

Summary of demographic data, clinical and renal biochemical parameters.

CaseAge (yr)SexLocationOccupationClinical PresentationAlcohol (Time Consumed before Presentation)Baseline Creatinine (mg/dl)BUN on Admission (mg/dl)Admission Creatinine (mg/dl)Peak Creatinine (mg/dl)Final Creatinine (mg/dl)Final eGFR ml/min/1.73 m2Urine Dipstick (Urine Microscopy)aUrine PCR (mg/mmol)Time to Renal Recovery (d)CRP (mg/L)CK (U/L)Bicarbonate (mEq/L)Medications before Admission
118FemaleDerbyAdministrate work2 d bilateral flank pain“Moderate amount of alcohol” (2 d)––22.972.64.330.85>90Hemoproteinuria (leukocytes 1, RBC 0, epithelial cells 2)103124716Naproxen
223MaleIbizaBuilder4 d severe left flank pain and dull back pain>25 units of alcohol (4 d)23.812.93.171.09>90Hematuria (leukocytes 4, RBC 3, epithelial cells 0)19174726Trimethoprim
324FemaleMatlockDoctor3 d of bilateral lower back pain4–5 cocktails (about 5–10 units) (2 d)38.15.445.440.77>90Hemoproteinuria (leukocytes 1, RBC 0, epithelial cells 0)566685719Trimethoprim, oral contraceptive pill
427MaleDerbyEngineer2 d of bilateral flank pain8–12 units of beer (over 2 wk)1.0922.412.623.971.1>90Hemoproteinuria (leukocytes 18, RBC 15, epithelial cells 16)311220716Minoset plus NSAIDs
522MaleNottinghamStudent3 d of right-sided flank painAbout 24 units of vodka (3 d)0.7129.131.582.711.01>90Hemoproteinuria (leukocytes 18, RBC 3, epithelial cells 9)123184331Paracetamol, zopiclone
621MaleNottinghamUnknown1 d of bilateral loin painAbout 25 units of alcohol (unknown)44.545.217.821.03>90Hemoproteinuria (leukocytes 58, RBC 13, epithelial cells 28)44616213029Ibuprofen, glucosamine, protein/creatine supplements
  • Modification of Diet and Renal Disease formula was used to estimate the GFR. The creatinine conversion equation is mg/dl×88.4=µmol/L. The urea conversion equation used is mg/dl×0.357=µmol/L). RBC, red blood cells; PCR, protein-to-creatinine ratio; CRP, C-reactive protein; CK, creatine kinase; NSAIDs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • a Expressed as urine dipstick result, followed in parentheses by the automated urine microscopy result. The urine microscopy did not show casts or crystals in any of the cases.