Table 1.

Clinical and histologic data for patients with pauci-immune necrotizing GN and controls

PNGN (n=17)
 Mean age, yr (range)42.2 (3–74)
 Sex6 men, 11 women
 Race/ethnicity12 W, 3 L, 2 B
 Mean serum creatinine, mg/dl (range)1.43 (0.5–6.6)
 Mean eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2 (range)81.3 (10.3–195.4)
 ANCA negative3
 No. of glomeruli per biopsya14 (5–27)
 No. with segmental fibrinoid necrosis (range)2 (1–5)
 No. with cellular crescents (range)2 (1–11)
 No. with fibrous or fibrocellular crescents (range)0.53 (0–3)
 No. with normal appearance (range)10 (3–25)
 No. of globally sclerotic (range)0.6 (0–3)
 Interstitial inflammation scoreb1.1±0.8
 Tubulitis score0.7±1
 Interstitial fibrosis score0.4±0.5
 Tubular atrophy score0.4±0.5
 Acute tubular necrosis/injury0
 Arteriosclerosis score0.8±0.9
 Arteriolosclerosis score0.6±0.8
 Anti-GBM GN (n=5)
  No. of glomeruli per biopsya10 (5–14)
  No. with segmental fibrinoid necrosis (range)2 (1–4)
  Immune complex GN (n=8)
  No. of glomeruli per biopsya24.5 (10–45)
  No. with segmental fibrinoid necrosis (range)1.5 (1–4)
 TBMN (n=5)
  No. of glomeruli per biopsya13 (8–22)
  • PNGN, pauci-immune necrotizing GN; MPO, myeloperoxidase; PR3, proteinase 3; GBM, glomerular basement membrane; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; IgAN, IgA nephropathy; TBMN, thin basement membrane nephropathy; W, white; L, Latino; B, black.

  • a Data given as mean (range) per biopsy.

  • b Mean score using the Banff schema (0–3)±SD.