Table 1.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of study and reference cohorts

CharacteristicCRRT Cohort (n=20)Reference Cohort (n=10)
Age (yr) 58±13.472±11.3
Men (%)7560
White patients (%)90100
BMI (kg/m2)29.2±8.726±2.7
Median duration of ICU stay (range) (d)9 (5–30)3 (1–10)
Mortality (%)500
Enrollment creatinine (mg/dl)4.7±1.91.2±0.2
Enrollment serum phosphate (mg/dl)5.7±1.23.1±0.4a
Enrollment serum calcium (mg/dl)7.9±0.78±0.5
Enrollment P50 (mmHg)29.7±4.427.5±1.9
Enrollment 2,3-DPG (µmol/gm Hgb)13.4±3.411.6±1.9
Day 2 2,3-DPG (µmol/g Hgb)11±3.111.8±2
  • Values for continuous variables given as mean±SD or median (range), as appropriate. BMI, body mass index; ICU, intensive care unit; P50, oxygen partial pressure required for 50% hemoglobin saturation; 2,3-DPG, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate; Hgb, hemoglobin; CRRT, continous RRT.

  • a Missing data (n=6).