Table 2.

Characteristics of cytomegalovirus DNAemia during 12 months

VariablesValganciclovir (n=60)Valacyclovir (n=59)P Value
CMV DNAemia18 (31)24 (43)0.36a
CMV DNAemia during prophylaxisb5 (8)8 (14)0.54
CMV DNAemia by D/R status
 D+/R−3 (46)2 (50)0.66
 D+/R+12 (26)21 (46)0.08
 D−/R+3 (37)1 (17)0.49
CMV DNAemia≥2000 copies/ml6 (10)5 (9)0.86
Peak viral load (copies/ml), median (25th–75th percentiles)300 (50–2800)750 (100–1650)0.66
Time to CMV DNAemia (d), median (25th–75th percentiles)145 (87–181)137 (64–150)0.37
Duration of CMV DNAemia (d), median (25th–75th percentiles)39 (22–85)31 (14–69)0.39
  • Data are n (%) unless otherwise indicated. D, donor; R, recipient.

  • a Hazard ratio, 1.35; 95% confidence interval, 0.71 to 2.54 after adjustment for age, previous transplantation, peak panel reactive antibodies, HLA mismatches, calcineurin inhibitor, induction therapy, donor age, donor type, expanded criteria donor, and delayed graft function.

  • b During prophylaxis, all episodes of cytomegalovirus viremia were with viral load not in excess of 1000 copies/ml. The only exception was a patient with valacyclovir prophylaxis whose viral load reached 1600 copies/ml shortly after pulse methylprednisolone antirejection therapy. Cytomegalovirus viremia remained asymptomatic, with spontaneous clearance within 2 weeks.