Table 1.

Clinical characteristics of 389 pediatric renal transplant recipients

VariableMean±SD or Median 95% CI or IQRRangeNo. of Patients or No. of Measures
Nonrepeated measurementsa
 Age at ESRD (yr)8.34.1–12.10.1–17.2389
 Age at dialysis (yr)7.93.7–11.60.1–17.0247
 Age at KTx (yr)9.05.2–12.90.7–17.2389
 Time after KTx at first visit (yr)0.70.4–2.50.2–13.8389
 Time after KTx at last visit (yr)5.32.7–8.20.3–17.2389
 Menarcheal age (yr)13.1±1.412.8–13.49.3–15.986
 Gestational age (wk)38.939.9–40.026.0–43.0322
 Birth weight (g)3006±7592923–3090830–5000319
 Birth length (cm)50.047.0–52.033.0–59.0315
 Umbilical cord artery pH7.297.23–7.337.04–7.40171
 Mother's height (cm)166.0162.3–170.0144.3–186.0372
 Father's height (cm)178.4±7.7177.6–179.1156.0–198.0369
Repeated measurementsb
 eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)5654–584–1901605
 Steroid dosage (mg/kg)0.080.07–0.080.0–0.891305
 Plasma HCO3 (mmol/L)23.022.8–23.117.1–29.71542
 Hemoglobin (g/dl)11.111.0–11.26.2–15.51566
 Bone age delay (yr)−1.3−1.1 to −1.5−7.3 to 3.11005
  • KTx, kidney transplantation; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; IQR, interquartile range.

  • a Basic data (nonrepeated measurements) are given as mean±SD and 95% CI in case of normal distribution and as median, interquartile range (25th–75th percentile), and range in case of non-normal distribution.

  • b Average values during the observation period based on annual values. Repeated measurements within the same individual were evaluated with linear mixed model.