Table 2.

Inflammatory cell influx and swelling of endothelial cells in endocapillary proliferation as scored by the participants

Endocapillary ProliferationSwelling of Endothelial CellsInflammatory Cell InfluxObservations n (%)Pathologistsbn
Present (observations; n=535a)10 (2)5
+115 (21)24
+48 (9)17
++362 (68)34
Absent (observations; n=65a)41 (63)18
+14 (22)4
+3 (5)2
++7 (10)4
  • a The total number of observations for endocapillary proliferation (calculated by multiplying the number of participants by the number of glomeruli) if answered with either absent or present.

  • b Number of participating pathologists (total n=34) who gave this combination of answers at least one time.