Table 1.

Clinical and renal biopsy characteristics

Age, y44.0±12
Men593 (42.5)
Kidney function
 24-h Urine protein excretion, mg44.5±24.7
 24-h Urine albumin excretion, mg5±7; 4 (0, 7)
 Serum creatinine, mg/dl1.0±0.2
 Measured GFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2103±17
 Measured GFR, ml/min115±24
18-h Mean BP, mmHg
 Overall SBP119±9.1
 Active SBP122±7.4
 Nocturnal SBP107±9.7
 Overall DBP72±6.7
 Active DBP74±7.4
 Nocturnal DBP62±7.6
Hypertension154 (11)
Other clinical characteristics
 Family history of ESRD717 (52)
 Total cholesterol, mg/dl195±36
 Triglycerides, mg/dl118±67
 HDL cholesterol, mg/dl56±16
 LDL cholesterol, mg/dl115±32
 Glucose, mg/dl95±8.6
 Uric acid, mg/dl5.2±1.4
 BMI, kg/m228±5
 Metabolic syndrome170 (12.4)
Renal biopsy findings
 NSG, n16.8+8.2
 GSG, n0 (0, 1)
 Profile area of cortex, mm26.7±2.4
 Profile NSG area, µm215,740±3966
 NSG volume, mm30.0028±0.0011
 Profile NSG density, per mm22.5±0.9
 NSG density, per mm315.3±6.6
 Profile GSG density, per mm20.0 (0.0, 0.1)
 GSG density, per mm30.0 (0.0, 1.1)
 Total glomerular density, per mm316.1±6.9
 Profile tubular area, µm24748±1513
 Capsule64 (4.6)
 Corticomedullary junction209 (15)
 Any interstitial fibrosis280 (23)
 ≥5% interstitial fibrosis41 (2.9)
  • Data are presented as the mean±SD, median (25 percentile, 75 percentile), or n (%). SBP, systolic BP; DBP, diastolic BP; BMI, body mass index; NSG, nonsclerotic glomeruli; GSG, globally sclerotic glomeruli.