Table 1.

Characteristics of study population at dialysis initiation

Participant Characteristica
Age (yr)56.2 (13.7)
African-American raceb65.8
Marital status
 Married/domestic partner33.7
Household size2 (2, 4)
Highest education level
 Grade school or less34.4
 High school22.0
Smoke cigarettes, ever21.0
Alcohol use, current17.2
BMI (kg/m2)28.3 (24.4, 34.3)
Comorbidities (n)3 (2, 4)
 Heart failure30.8
 Atherosclerotic disease24.4
 Cardiovascular disease, other24.1
 Cerebrovascular disease20.1
 Peripheral vascular disease7.5
 Cancer history (prior 5–10 yr)c2.3
Time on dialysis (mo)2.1 (1.4, 3.1)
Never saw nephrologist before dialysis initiation22.7
  • Data are presented as the percentage, mean (SD), or median (interquartile range). BMI, body mass index; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; HCV, hepatitis C viral infection; HBV, hepatitis B viral infection.

  • a N=348. Values are given as the percentage of the total study sample unless otherwise specified.

  • b African-American race is compared with non–African-American race, which is 92.4% Caucasian, 3.4% Asian/Asian American, 1.7% American Indian/Alaskan Native, and 2.5% other.

  • c Excludes those with a history within the prior 5 years and those with a history of only nonmelanoma skin cancer.