Table 2.

Prevalence of patient-perceived concerns about pursuing KT, stratified by patient characteristics (N=348)

Concern about KTTotalAge (yr)SexRace
<60≥60PaMenWomenPAfrican AmericanNon-African AmericanPa
I’m doing fine on dialysis68.463.575.70.0265.072.70.1268.668.10.94
No one has discussed KT with me26.722.632.90.0126.826.60.8823.632.80.07
Health-related concerns
 I’m too weak to undergo a transplantation12.68.219.3<0.0017.718.80.0112.213.50.30
 I’m not a medically appropriate candidate for transplant11.86.320.0<0.0019.314.90.059.616.00.01
 I did not know transplantation was an option at my age10.64.819.3<0.00111.39.70.827.916.00.06
 I do not think transplantation will help me10.36.715.70.015.716.
 Somebody has discussed KT with me and discouraged me from pursuing it5.
 Any of the above31.019.747.9<0.00126.337.00.0428.037.00.09
Psychosocial concerns
 I do not feel comfortable asking a living person to donate a kidney for me29.927.932.90.0528.931.20.4624.041.20.001
 I do not want to take any more medication27.931.322.90.1224.731.80.1628.027.70.57
 Transplantation is too expensive21.
 I’m afraid of an operation15.814.417.90.197.7326.0<0.00114.917.70.21
 I do not feel comfortable receiving a kidney from a dead person10.610.610.70.1610.311.00.0811.49.20.61
 Any of the above54.054.353.60.9151.657.10.3352.058.00.31
  • Each cell indicates the prevalence of participants in the given subgroup who reported the given concern. Columns do not sum to 100% because patients could indicate more than one concern. Concerns were categorized empirically into health-related or psychosocial categories. “I’m doing fine on dialysis” and “No one has discussed KT with me” did not fall into either health-related or psychosocial concerns categories. See the Materials and Methods and the Supplemental Appendix for a description of the exploratory factor analysis used to categorize concerns. Non-African-American race is 92.4% Caucasian, 3.4% Asian/Asian American, 1.7% American Indian/Alaskan Native, and 2.5% other. P values were estimated using ordered logistic regression except for “Any of the above” in which case they were estimated using Fisher’s exact test. KT, kidney transplantation.