Table 5.

Association of renal biopsy morphometric measures at time of donation with the change in kidney function at follow-up a mean 6 months after donation

Renal Biopsy Morphometric 
Measures at DonationaResidual GFRbChange in 24-h Urine Albuminc
Percent ChangeP ValueChange (mg)P Value
Mean glomerular volume0.
Mean profile tubular area−0.10.8600.20
Glomerular density−0.50.15−0.70.16
NSG density−0.20.50−0.50.25
GSG density−1.4<0.001−0.60.20
  • Percent changes are per characteristic.

  • a Per SD.

  • b Calculated as follows: Follow-Up GFR/Predonation GFR × 100%.

  • c Calculated as follows: Follow-Up 24-Hour Urine Albumin − Predonation 24-Hour Urine Albumin.