Table 1.

Baseline patient, facility, and geographic characteristics of the study cohort according to individuals who initiated dialysis with an eGFR≥10.5 or <10.5 ml/min per 1.73 m2

CharacteristiceGFR<10.5eGFR≥10.5P Value
N21,533 (64.7%)11,730 (35.3%)
Median eGFR (intraquartile range)7.4 (5.8–8.8)13.2 (11.7–15.9)<0.001
Patient characteristics
 Sex (% men)60.439.6<0.001
 Body mass index27.6±6.427.5±6.60.02
  East Asian7.54.8
  South Asian4.24.0
 Median number of days with predialysis care (intraquartile range)386 (41–1159)458 (101–1205)<0.001
 Median number of days with >90 d of predialysis care (intraquartile range)779 (345–1567)752 (335–1525)0.09
 Predialysis care>30 d (%)76.983.5<0.001
 Comorbidities (%)
  Acute coronary syndrome19.729.7<0.001
  Pulmonary edema23.932.3<0.001
  Diabetes mellitus45.252.5<0.001
  Peripheral vascular disease17.626.4<0.001
  Lung disease10.714.8<0.001
  Hypertension medications86.486.40.92
  Current smoker15.315.30.87
  Coronary artery bypass graft11.820.6<0.001
  Serious illness12.116.4<0.001
 Number of comorbidities2.9±1.83.5±2.0<0.001
 Cause of ESRD (%)<0.001
  Diabetes mellitus35.740.3
  Polycystic kidney disease5.12.8
 Hemoglobin, g/L100.2±17.5105.5±16.8<0.001
 Phosphate, mmol/L2.10±0.691.61±0.46<0.001
 Albumin, g/L29.7±8.6627.0±8.1<0.001
 Distance from facility (km)<0.001
 Peritoneal dialysis20.124.2<0.001
Facility characteristicsa (n=63)
 Arteriovenous fistula at initiation of dialysis (%)16.9±7.416.9±7.10.89
 Transplant facility39.732.8<0.001
 Peritoneal dialysis facility93.895.0<0.001
 Average hemoglobin (g/L)101.7±3.4102.9±3.5<0.001
 Average phosphate (mmol/L)1.95±0.131.89±0.13<0.001
Geographic regions (%)<0.001
  • Atlantic provinces include Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Prairies include Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Pacific includes British Columbia. Continuous variables are presented as the mean ± SD.

  • a Facilities were categorized in <10.5 or ≥10.5 ml/min per 1.73 m2 on the basis of the mean eGFR at dialysis initiation of their total incident patient population.