Table 2.

Effect of 40 months of intervention of Omega-3 fatty acids on decline in creatinine–cystatin C-based kidney function in 2344 patients of the Alpha Omega Trial according to treatment group

Treatment GroupsCreatinine–Cystatin C-Based eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)a
Pretreatment (Mean±SD)Post-Treatment (Mean±SD)Decline (Mean±SD)Treatment Effect Mean (95% CI)b
Placebo (n=593)79.2±18.472.3±20.1−6.9±12.6
ALA (n=601)79.0±19.372.7±20.4−6.2±12.80.7 (−0.8 to 2.1)
EPA-DHA (n=576)78.2±18.573.4±19.2−4.8±13.42.1 (0.6 to 3.6)
EPA-DHA plus ALA (n=574)77.6±18.571.6±19.5−6.0±13.00.9 (−0.6 to 2.3)
  • 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a On the basis of the Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration equation of 2012 (15).

  • b Decline in intervention group minus decline in placebo group with 95% CI.