Table 3.

Variables associated with the initiation of dialysis with an eGFR≥10.5 ml/min per 1.73 m2

VariableReduced Model
Odds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Facility level
 Phosphate average (per 0.5-mmol/L increase)0.260.17 to 0.39<0.001
Patient level
 Women1.781.68 to 1.87<0.001
 Body mass index0.990.99 to 1.00<0.001
 Hemoglobin (per 1-g/L increase)1.011.01 to 1.01<0.001
 Phosphate (per 0.5-mmol/L increase)0.450.43 to 0.46<0.001
 Peripheral vascular disease1.241.16 to 1.33<0.001
 Acute coronary syndrome1.161.08 to 1.24<0.001
 Pulmonary edema1.511.41 to 1.61<0.001
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease1.161.07 to 1.25<0.001
 Diabetes mellitus1.431.31 to 1.56<0.001
 Hypertension0.840.78 to 0.91<0.001
 Serious illness1.311.21 to 1.41<0.001
 Coronary artery bypass graft1.271.17 to 1.37<0.001
 Peritoneal dialysis1.151.07 to 1.23<0.001
 Predialysis care>30 d1.281.19 to 1.38<0.001
 Distance from facility (km)
 <50 (referent)
 50–1500.900.84 to 0.980.02
 >1500.890.80 to 0.990.05
 Cause of ESRD
  Hypertension (referent)
  Diabetes0.960.87 to 1.060.39
  GN0.760.69 to 0.84<0.001
  Obstruction0.780.65 to 0.930.01
  Interstitial0.860.73 to 1.020.09
  PCKD0.500.43 to 0.58<0.001
  Other0.940.85 to 1.040.24
  Unknown0.950.85 to 1.060.37
  Caucasian (referent)
  Asian0.610.54 to 0.69<0.001
  Black0.970.83 to 1.130.71
  Indian Subcontinent0.870.76 to 1.000.05
  Aboriginal0.860.75 to 0.980.02
  Unknown1.121.00 to 1.260.06
  Other0.620.53 to 0.72<0.001
 Year of first treatment1.071.06 to 1.08<0.001
  • The reduced model included the following covariates: facility-level factors (average phosphate), patient case mix (sex, body mass index, race, comorbidities, distance to facility, length of predialysis care, serum phosphate, and hemoglobin), and year. Geographic regions, 14; facilities, 63; patients, 23,902. Median number of patients per facility=795 (interquartile range=532–963). PCKD, polycystic kidney disease.