Table 1.

Clinical characteristics of African-American study cohorts

VariableDiscovery T2D-ESRDDiscovery ControlsReplication T2D-ESRDReplication ControlsNon–T2D-ESRDT2D Only (GFR≥60 ml/min per 1.73 m2)
Sample sourceT2D-GENES patientsT2D-GENES controlsT2D-ESRD GWAS patientsT2D-ESRD GWAS controlsNon–T2D-ESRD patientsT2D non-nephropathy controls
Women, %61.257.360.757.943.758.7
Age, yr61.6±10.549.0±11.961.3±10.8a48.4±12.7b54.6±14.6c55.9±9.5
Age at T2D, yr41.6±12.441.3±12.446.2±10.3
Duration of T2D before ESRD, yr17.6±10.217.1±10.7
Duration of ESRD, yr3.77±3.83.66±3.92.2±1.6
Blood glucose, mg/dl88.8±13.189.2±13.688.6±8.7
BMI (at recruitment), kg/m229.7±7.030.0±7.030.3±7.229.2±7.427.2±7.036.5±18.4
BUN, mg/dl13.3±5.413.3±4.5
Serum creatinine, mg/dl0.99±0.251.03±0.460.95±0.2
  • Categoric data expressed as percentage; continuous data described as mean±SD. T2D, type 2 diabetes mellitus; ESRD, end stage renal disease; GWAS, genome-wide association study; BMI, body mass index.

  • a n=50 missing age data.

  • b n=33 missing age data.

  • c n=15 missing age data.